Social and Political Philosophy

Course Reading Schedule (readings available on Canvas and below):

Week 1 (June 22 through June 28)
Plato, excerpt from The Statesman, pp. 310-317 in the translation.

Aristotle, excerpt from Politics, Chapters 1-4 (on the nature of politics), and, optionally, Chapter 5-6 (on slavery), pp. 1-9 in the translation.

Hobbes, excerpt from Leviathan, (page #s refer to the original book pagination, not the pdf pages) Look at the frontspiece: the picture of the Sovereign.
Then, Read Introduction, pp. 9-11, Chapter 11, pp. 69-75, Chapters 13-15, pp. 86-106, skim 106-111, then continue reading Chapters 16-18, pp. 111-129, finally read Chapter 21, pp. 145-154.

Week 2 (June 29 through July 5)
Locke, excerpt from Second Treatise of Government, Chapters 1-11, except for Chapter 6.

Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, full text.

Week 3 (July 6 through July 12)
Marx, Excerpts from several pieces, Read section on Alienated labor, pp. 83-95 (in original pagination), 95-104 is optional, section on method from The German Ideology, pp. 175-184, the first two parts of The Communist Manifesto, pp. 245-263, and, finally, excerpts from Chapter 1 of Capital v. 1., pp. 458-480.

Rawls, Selection from A Theory of Justice

Week 4 (July 13 through July 19)

Week 5 (July 20 through July 23)